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About Us


We specialize in helping business’s go from good to excellent by offering competitive financing. At MPower Capital


How do i get a business loan?

Begin our easy process online. There are no fees and no obligations to apply. Start the approval process online and one of our dedicated representatives will call to assist you. Once complete, approvals are generated within just a few hours. Cash to your business in most cases in less than 2 days.

All credit profiles are welcome. Bad credit will not affect your approval. We work with businesses across all industries, and recognize that each one has its own unique need for MPower Capital. Your MPower Capital company is always tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Use our MPower Capital services for anything from inventory/equipment purchases, renovations, payroll, tax bills, employee growth, seasonal downturns or any other expected or unexpected bills, etc. We will never ask for a detailed accounting of how you use the funds.

What makes us different? It’s simple.

  • We deliver loans using our funding score technology
  • We don’t rely on traditional underwriting
  • We focus on the strength of your business and not your personal credit score